Engagement Shoots

  • Annie and Keith's Engagement Session

  • I am SOOOOO excited for Annie and Keith's wedding at the Smog Shoppe in June. They are super hip and lovely. They also were up for shooting at this warehouse location I've been dying to do an engagement shoot at. Thank you guys! And yes, this is the biggest si[...]
  • Jamie and Adam's Engagement Shoot

  • Jamie comes from a long line of referrals from other brides who I just adore (Kim and Jocelyn), so, of course, I was very enthralled the minute I met her. She is so sweet and beautiful and it was great to meet her very humorous and handsome fiance at this shoo[...]
  • Daniela and Josh - NYC Engagement Shoot

  • Oh my how I love shooting in NYC! But I certainly did not like having to postpone this shoot twice because of the rain and rescheduling it for 12 noon! No, I would never opt to do an e shoot at that time, but I had no choice. Though stressed about it, I am [...]