About Kim

Hello and welcome to my photo world!  I am so blessed to have the most amazing job that I am obsessed with.  I simply love taking pictures, playing with them, and putting them in books.   Here is a little about myself and my story of how I got to this place:

AboutmelowI grew up in NYC and graduated from Vassar College. After college I moved back to NYC and became a singer-songwriter. I wrote songs for BMG Music and after a couple of years got signed to DreamWorks Records. Then I released my first album, I moved to Los Angeles, CA. I got to tour all over the country and I even performed on the famous Lilith Tour. I enjoyed it so much that I began documenting my travels and tours with photographs.

When friends of mine invited me to travel through India and Nepal, I bought a new camera and a bunch of film (I know, film!), which enabled me to capture the breathtaking sights. As the trip progressed, I became more and more obsessed with documenting my experience visually. That trip changed my life both spiritually and artistically. When I got back to LA, I knew that I wanted to pursue photography. Even though I was still doing music. I would photograph all my musician friends for their press packs or CD covers.

In between albums, I started working for a wedding photographer named Jeff who specialized in weddings.  I soon became hooked.  He was an amazing teacher and when he moved to Florida 2 years later in 2005, he left me his phone # and that is how I started my business!

Weddings are a huge part of my business, now that so many of my clients have families, maternity, newborn and family photography is a specialty as well.


I have 2 crazy adorable kids:  Tess who is 6 and Otis who is 3.  (Both who were born in the middle of wedding seasons, but don’t worry, I’m done!)  My best friend describes me as a “Granola Girl/Jewish American Princess/Idiot Savant/Artsy Fartsy Chick who is very down to earth and a good time” 🙂  Ha!